The aim of this website is to raise awareness about the importance of heather moorland.

young hen harrier
My goal, in the first instance, is two fold: Firstly open up progressive and interactive dialogue on all aspects associated with heather moorland and its management; Secondly, as an educational site.


There are several sites already dedicated to discussing raptor issues. I hope that this site will focus mostly on the management, the habitat and biodiversity associated with heather moorlands. Over the years I’ve spoken to many people who have the opinion that managed grouse moors are monoculture. I hope that this website gives the opportunity to discuss what, in my opinion, is a misconception. Finally I’d like to thank several estates in Angus for their support and sustainable management. These images wouldn’t have been possible without them.

This site is in its infancy and I would welcome any constructive comments on its layout / content etc. Please feel free to contact me on any issue.